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was founded in 2013 to develop novel compounds that are effective on both drug-resistant tumors and cancer stem cells.  In numerous preclinical models of cancer, including colon, pancreatic, prostate, breast and lung cancers the company’s lead product SBT-1214 has shown to completely eliminate the tumor.  Additional studies have shown that SBT-1214 is able to effectively down-regulate “stemness” gene expression and kill cancer stem cells.  Additional chemical modifications and a novel fatty-acid based nanoemulsion formulation result in a drug that has improved pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics properties as well as reduced toxicity.
TargaGenix New Chemical Entity (NCE) for use in oncology
  • Unique chemical composition makes the compound effective in Multi-drug resistanttumor models
  • Effective in killing cancer stem cells
  • Novel formulation removes the need for a toxic excipient, improved pharmacokinetics, improved pharmacodynamics, improved retention, reduced toxicity and passive targeting to the tumor interstitium.
  • Potential to be in clinic in 12-18 months from initiation of CMC and IND campaign
  • $2.3 million in funding from NCI for development of cancer stem cell therapeutics
  • $8 million to completion of Phase 1/2 clinical program in
  • Significant value creation
  • High margin potential based on current oncology pricing and manufacturing cost
  • Composition of Matter IP protection on drug & formualtion
Management Team
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